How to Increase per Capita Income ?

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A guide to some serious fun by Ansar Abbasi, The News, June 21, 2005

For example with no provision of Hyde Park, if you are caught shouting in abusive language you have to pay Rs 1,000. Going through these offences, one wonders if the law is meant for Pakistan or. . . Included in the eighth schedule of the local government ordinance, approved by the president and already implemented by three of the four provinces, many of these offences do not go with the ground realities. It is, however, said that the original local government ordinance, now amended, carries even imprisonment.

The amended ordinance gives different district, Tehsil and town officials the responsibility of enforcing penalties in offences included in the eighth schedule of the ordinance. The following are the offences with their penalties:

1) Keeping pigeon or other birds causing danger to air traffic, Rs 500.
2) Kite flying in contravention of any general or specific prohibition, Rs 300.
3) Selling cattle and animals in contravention of local government law/rule, Rs 1,000.
4) Owner of an animal who through neglect or otherwise damages any land or crop etc, Rs 1,000.
5) Failure of a head of family to report the birth or death to a local government (LG), Rs 500.
6) Begging importunately for alms by exposing any deformity or disease or any offensive sore or wound to solicit charity, Rs 500.
7) Failure to lime-wash or repair a building if so required by LG, Rs 1,000.
8) Using or allowing the used building declared unfit by LG for human habitation, Rs 1,000.
9) Loud shouting in abusive language causing distress to others, Rs 1,000.
10) Loud playing of music or radio, beating or drum or tom-tom, blowing a horn or beating or sounding any brass or other instruments or utensils in violation of LG’s prohibitions, Rs 1,000.
11) Exhibiting any obscene advertisement, Rs 1,000.
12) Fixing any bill, notice, poster etc on private or public place other than the place fixed for purpose by LG, Rs 1,000.
13) Defacing or disturbing any direction post, lamppost or lamp extinguishing or any light arrangement, Rs 1,000.
14) Feeding or allowing to be fed an animal meant for dairy or meat purposes, on deleterious substance, filth or refuse of any kind, which is dangerous to health of consumers, Rs 1,000.
15) Failure to keep in good condition troughs and pipes for receiving or carrying water or sullage water, Rs 1,000.
16) Failure to stop leakage of water pipes, faucets and sanitary fittings, Rs 1,000.
17) Failure to clean, repair, cover, fill up or drain off any private well, tank or other source of water supply, which is declared under this ordinance to be injurious to health or offensive to neighbourhood, Rs 1,000.
18) Failure to cut or trim the hedges growing thereon which overhang any well, tank or other source of water used by public, Rs 500.
19) Damage or polluting physical environment, inside or outside private or public premises endangering public health, Rs 2000 for public premises and Rs 500 for private premises.
20) Failure to clean the premises, houses, shops and cultivated lands of plastic bags and other perishable materials, Rs 500.
21) Failure to put in proper order any latrine, urinal drain, cesspool or other receptacle by an owner of a house, shop, office, industry or premises, Rs 2,000 for commercial concerns and Rs 500 for house.
22) Steeping hemp, jute or any other plant in or near pond or any other excavation near residential area, Rs 1,000.
23) Watering cattle or animals, or bathing or washing at or near a well or other source of drinking water, Rs 500.
24) Failure to maintain clean premises of the area in front of a shop, office of factory up to the public street or road serving this facility, Rs 1,000.
25) Failure to provide for disposal of litter or garbage inside or outside a shop, Rs 500.
26) Throwing or refusing any refuse in any place other than specified, Rs 500.
27) Failure to dispose of offal, fate or any organ of a dead animal, Rs 500.
28) Disposal of carcasses of animals within prohibited distance, Rs 500.
29) Causing or permitting animals to stray, Rs 500.
30) Picketing, parking animals or collecting carts or vehicles on any street. Rs 500.
31) Obstructing lawful seizure of animals, Rs 500
32) Failure to furnish information required by LG, Rs 300.
33) Burying or burning a dead body at a place other than registered burial or burning place, Rs 1,000.
34) Excavation of earth, stone or any other material from prohibited areas, Rs 1,000.
35) Connecting or altering any house drain with a drain in a public street or drawing off water without permission, Rs 1,000.
36) Obstructing or tampering with any main pipe, meter or any apparatus or appliances of the supply of water or sewerage system, Rs 1,000.
37) Obstructing or tampering with any road, street, drain or pavement, Rs 1,000.
38) Keeping ferocious dog or other animal in residential areas or taking such animals to public places without leash or chain or to set at large any animal or dog infected with rabies or any other infectious disease, Rs 200.
39) Keeping or maintaining any cattle in any part of the prohibited zone, Rs 500.
40) Without permission allowing the contents of any sink, sewer or cesspool or any other offensive matter to flow or drain or to be put upon any street or public place, Rs 2,000 in case of commercial concerns and Rs 500 for others.
41) Slaughtering of animals for sale of meat at a place other than the specified place, Rs 500.
42) Failure by the owner or occupied of any land to clear away and remove a vegetation declared to be injurious to health to neighbourhoods, Rs 500.
43) Fixing of wooden khokhas/temporary shops on footpaths or beyond the street line, Rs 1,000.
44) Plying of handcarts for the sale of goods without permission, Rs 1,000.
45) Neglect in safe storage of eatable, drinkable and other consumable items sold or supplied to the public, Rs 3,000 in case of large restaurants, hotels and shops, and Rs 500 for others.
46) Digging of public land without permission, Rs 1,000.
47) Contravention of the prohibition or direction of the local government issued under the ordinance, Rs 500.

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